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Producer Emma Whale smiling, in front of a professional recording console, a computer displaying ProTools, and a laptop.
Producer Emma Whale sitting behind a recording console, grayscale.

Emma Whale is the next household name in recording.


Versatile producer, songwriter, and engineer, no matter the genre Emma knows how to make a song stand out. In addition to writing and producing her own music, Emma has worked with DJs, indie rock bands, pop artists, and everything in between.


Emma became a multi-instrumentalist at a young age, starting with vocals, then picking up piano and guitar not long afterwards. In 2021, she earned her Bachelor of Musical Arts degree from Western University, and her Music Industry Arts diploma from Fanshawe College. Shortly after graduation, Emma started work as a producer and engineer at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, ON.


Emma has worked with a variety of artists including Jesse Adams, In A Bag, Dani, Low Life Lolas, Street Pharmacy, and many more.

Please contact for inquiries. 

Photo: Production Haus

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